Coral Enterprises, Inc.

Coral Enterprises, Inc., working with 3D Exhibits, came to Brumark for help in designing a complex exhibit for a client. The exhibit needed to be raised above the show floor for high visibility; it had to accommodate wiring to many workstations; it needed to allow for last-minute changes; it had to support a lot of weight, including a race car; and the client wanted a hardwood-like look. The budget didn't allow for extensive custom work.

Brumark had the solution: our Raised Flooring System. The wire grommet in each panel made it easy to manage wiring. The system's fast, tool-free setup took the hassle out of last-minute changes. And because Brumark Raised Flooring can support up to 4 tons per square meter, weight was not an issue. We finished the floor with our Exotic Hardwood FlexFloor, allowing Coral Enterprises, Inc. to meet the client's design specifications and budget.

"Brumark was able to provide a solution to all of our challenges," says Horst Tondasch of Coral Enterprises, Inc. "The overall installation time was surprisingly short, and the shipping weight was much less than what we've had with other raised floors in the past."

Moss, Inc.

Moss is a long-time valued customer of Brumark and has used several of our products to satisfy their flooring needs. See what they had to say about Brumark's raised flooring system:

"Moss has used Brumark Raised Flooring for the past several years in our own tradeshow booths. The Brumark raised floor is easy to use and quickly installed. The end result has been beautiful year after year!"

Brumark's raised flooring system helps manage electrical, plumbing and air easily and effectively under your exhibit. Each tile includes a 5-inch grommet to feed utilities and each foot has a metal post that allows leveling from the top of the panel. This allows for an extremely quick installation. No tools are required for the assembly, and an allen wrench is all you need for leveling the floor.

Derse Exhibits

Derse wanted to create a booth that looked like a golf course. Brumark was able to meet the design request by integrating several different flooring products, including custom-dyed carpet and FlexFloor.

We first dyed the carpet to meet the client's color requests for the rough, fairway and putting green, and then inlayed the colors together. We produced these in 10' x 130' pieces for the fastest and easiest installation.

We then used 10'-wide pieces of FlexFloor to simulate the back porch of the clubhouse and create the road. We made the FlexFloor pieces oversized so that the carpet simply installed over the FlexFloor.

The result was an eye-catching floor that met the client's design requirements.

Mecca Design

Mecca needed a 30' x 30' inlay rug designed to look like a globe. The globe was a huge hit. (Inlay Rug - 30')

Need a logo or custom carpet? We have the services you need, at a great price. Learn more here.

Whether your project is small or large, simple or complex, Brumark is your one-stop solution. The artisans at our 30,000 square-foot facility in Dalton, GA use the latest equipment and techniques to create high-quality carpets at the best prices.

We handle:

Any size from 10' x 10' to over 150' x 150'
Custom designs, logos borders and shapes
Inlays using new materials, such as FlexFloor, specialty carpet and recycled rubber
Carpet custom dyed to any PMS color
Complete finishing, binding, serging and packing

Just send us your logo or artwork, along with placement, for a quote. We'll provide a quote within 24 hours of receiving your artwork.

Imagination Gallery

Imagination Gallery needed a replica of the carpet in the Oval Office for a traveling exhibit. Using a high-resolution digital file, we digitally printed the image on our print-base level loop carpet. We then cut the rug into the desired shape and bound all edges to finish the rug.

Digital printing can add to the design of your booth and can complement graphic images. With 150 dpi resolution this product can easily increase traffic to your exhibit.

We can print up to 10' wide single image on 16 oz. level loop carpet.


Exhibit Group Boston

Exhibit Group Boston needed a 20' x 30' carpet with a train track border to compliment the theme of their exhibit. We digitally printed the 4' train track border and seamed it to the interior carpet.

"I think it looked great," says Bryan Kriesen of Exhibit Group Boston. "I heard from the sales person that the client was thrilled and the agency that came up with the concept said it looked even better than they imagined it would. So I'd say it was a success."

Digital printing can add to the design of your booth and can complement graphic images. With 150 dpi resolution this product can easily increase traffic to your exhibit.

We can print up to 10' wide single image on 16 oz. level loop carpet.